Nimbie USB (DVD) (NB11)
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One Unit for Automated Duplication, Ripping, Archiving, & More

Nimbie USB is an affordable multifunctional disc autoloader. With the bundled software, duplicating CDs and DVDs, backing up data is less than few mouse clicks away.
Nimbie USB's patented robotic design is compact, reliable and efficient. The open loader design has disc capacity of 100, and it allows disc refills at any time without interrupting on going project.

Advanced Disc Reject System

Nimbie USB automatically ejects bad discs and resumes it's current project, a simple but yet important feature that many auto loaders are missing. With Nimbie USB, bad copies are always separated from the good ones, and there is no need to worry about projects getting hung up by one bad disc.

Supported by 3rd Party Applications

Varies of software programs are compatible with Nimbie USB for different applications. Free software programs include the award winning ImgBurn burning software and Camel Disc Catalog managing software.QQGetTray software utility even enables many disc related software applications, which have no autoloader support, to work with Nimbie USB.
Nimbie USB is also supported by professional software for advanced applications including: Get Digital Data for advanced CD /DVD ripping,My Movies for building media centers and backing up movie DVD / Blu-ray collections.

PC and Mac Compatible

Through QQGetTray software, Nimbie USB autoloader can work with selected third party software applications on Mac and turn jobs such as CD ripping or cataloging discs into an automated process.

Automated Music CD Ripping

With QQripper software, Nimbie USB can convert your music CD collection to digital formats such as MP3, WMA through Windows Media Player or iTunes. 


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