Smart A 45 CS

Active and wireless

High End 3-Way Smart Center speaker

With the Smart A 45 CS center speaker, we have the ideal loudspeaker to expand our Smart A 45 floorstanding speaker and the compact Smart A 45 BS model into a powerful and sonically excellent multi-channel home theater system. With our expertise from 50 years of speaker development, the drivers from the Reference series with aluminum-ceramic tungsten cones, the stylish, solid housing made of high-density fiberboard (HDF) and the enormous power amplifier performance, we raise the center Smart A 45 CS to the highest level of sound. The center is available exclusively from our online store or directly from the factory in Weilrod.


Smart and fully active

Our developers were able to dig deep for the technical equipment of the Smart A 45 CS and have equipped the discreetly elegant center with Canton Reference technology. The two 174 mm drivers with aluminum-ceramic tungsten cones are fired by a 350 watt power amplifier module and thus ensure incomparable dynamics in the bass reflex cabinet. In terms of sound, this driver duo is perfectly complemented by a tweeter with a membrane made of aluminum oxide ceramic. Its transmission front plate ensures the acoustically ideal connection to the midrange driver and optimizes the dispersion characteristics of the speaker system. Diaphragms made of aluminum-ceramic with refinement by tungsten particles represent a perfect symbiosis of rigidity and lightness. The woofer and the midrange are equipped with the triple folded wave surrounds: this ensures a controlled swing in and out of the drivers and an incomparable dynamic of the center speaker. Due to the three-way concept of the Smart A 45 CS, the center offers an ideally balanced transmission behavior, with the best speech intelligibility and detailed information in film and music playback.


Highest quality from Weilrod

The Smart Center A 45 CS is developed and assembled in our factory in Weilrod. This means that we have every phase of production under control and can maintain the necessary quality standards as well as the high sound requirements for our speakers. The cabinet of the 14.8 kilogram center is made of high-density fiberboard (HDF). The multi-stiffened speaker cabinet offers no chance for unwanted resonances that could negatively influence the sound. The Smart A 45 CS is available in "high gloss" black and "silk matt" white. Optical highlights are the circumferential housing phases, the seamless diamond-cut aluminum rings of the speaker chassis and the magnetically adhering full-size fabric cover, which give the Smart A 45 CS a restrained, elegant appearance in any living ambience.


Technology in detail

Our center Smart A 45 CS is designed as a 3-way speaker, equipped with tungsten particles refined membranes made of aluminum ceramic. The 174 mm woofer, in conjunction with the powerful power amplifier module in the large bass reflex cabinet, provides enormously deep and powerful bass. An identically sized midrange driver demonstrates its exceptionally high acoustic qualities in its own closed cabinet volume. Its Tripled Curved Cone diaphragm profile (TCC) consists of three different radii that give the diaphragm greater stability, which results in lower distortion. In addition, the dispersion characteristics improve with an extended frequency range. Our high-end tweeter perfectly complements this duo: the highly rigid 25 mm ceramic dome with one-piece transmission front plate ensures the best radiation characteristics and a clean and detailed transmission of even the very highest frequencies. Flush-mounted on the front below the tweeter is the three-digit, blue-lit display, which is easy to read even from a distance and provides the user with information on the various operating states.




Product Data


Type : Wireless Active Centerspeaker

Engineering Principle : 3-way bass reflex

Musical output : 350 watts

Frequency response : 25...30.000 Hz

Crossover frequency : 3.000 Hz

Mid-/Woofersystem : 2 x 174mm (6.9"), Ceramic tungsten (Wave surround)


1 x Analogue input (chinch)

1 x Digital Input (coaxial)

1 x Digital Input (optical)

1 x USB-Input with XMOS® technology

1 x XLR (Balanced)


Internal wireless network to connect to other Smart Series models


Virtual Surround for Stereo, Music & Surround Sound

Virtual Center at 4.0 home cinema mode

Special Features

Wireless transmission between speakers

Easy installation - one cable to the TV set, one cable to the wall socket

Volume adjustment per loudspeaker

Setting the listening distance per loudspeaker

Voice function - for better speech reproduction in stereo & surround sound

Equalizer - adaptation to spatial conditions

Dynamic Range Control - Setting the Dynamic Range

Sleep timer - Setting the turn-off time

IR learning function - controllable with TV / system remote control

Input Direct Dial - ideal for system remote controls

IR clear function - simplest deletion of unwanted learning functions

Automatic switch-on and switch-off

Configuration of the inputs - Input renaming

LipSync function - for exact speech synchronization

System Volume - Setting the Maximum Level

Restore factory settings - Reset function

Wireless Speaker Pairing - pairing of the wireless loudspeakers

fabric grill with magnetic mount

Warranty : 2 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

60 x 20 x 35 cm

(23.6 x 7.9 x 13.8)

Weight : 14.8 kg

Power consumption : ECO/MAN: 0,35 watts, NSB: 1,2 watts (factory setting)

Carton Content

1 x Smart A 45 CS


Fabric grill (magnetic)