[Canton] A 55

More volume and superior technology

For the enjoyment of music and films

For a perfect connection with your amplifier, we recommend the CantoLink 400 speaker cable, which is available in our online store. It's a proprietary, six-core, high-end speaker cable with a special core and jacket for the best possible sound quality. You can use your A 55 in classic stereo setup and enjoy music in its purest form. Or you can use it as the main speaker in a multi-channel home cinema set with the matching models from the A 35 or A 45 series.


When it can be bigger

The A 55 is an impressive high end floorstanding loudspeaker and the current flagship of our online exclusive series. One size bigger than our much praised anniversary speaker A 45, the A 55 shows what it is capable of when it comes to high and highest sound levels. The 3-way bass reflex speaker is excellently equipped to meet even extreme dynamic demands. In each of the floorstanding speakers, three 200 mm woofers ensure an incomparably superior bass performance. Our best drivers from the Reference Series with aluminium-ceramic tungsten diaphragms, mounted in the low-loss wave surround, are used in the A 55. With the large cabinet volume in the back and the downfire bass reflex channel for support, the A 55 offers opulent bass reproduction from as low as 20 Hertz. The 180-millimetre mid-range specialist meets the dynamic requirements with the same high-tech diaphragm material.


Love for the details

Like all our loudspeakers, we also manufacture the A 55 in our factory in Weilrod im Taunus. This is the only way we can maintain the necessary quality standards, minimise tolerances, eliminate any faults and maintain the high sound standards we demand of our loudspeakers. The cabinet of the A 55 is made of high-density fibreboard (HDF) and is extremely stable thanks to the thickness of the material and additional stiffeners inside. The cabinets are of high-quality workmanship, elaborately lacquered and available in white silk matt, black "high-gloss" and real wood veneer cherry "high-gloss". Like its smaller sister - the A 45 - the A 55 operates as a downfire bass reflex system and has generously rounded cabinet edges, which greatly improves sound dispersion. The three-way high-end loudspeaker not only sets visual accents with its elegantly curved aluminium base construction. The result is a modern and clean look, so that the A 55 feels at home in any living ambience.


Invested in great technology

An A 55 weighs 49 kilograms. This is the result of the solid, multi-bracing, high-density fibreboard cabinet, the best speaker drivers of our Reference models, the heavy, sound-optimised crossover components and the solid aluminium base construction. Inside, the finest speaker cable and strategically placed damping material ensure the highest sound quality. The A 55 is equipped with a high-quality bi-wiring/biamping connection terminal, allowing the low and mid-high ranges to be controlled separately with different amplifiers or with specialised cables. 24 carat gold-plated, stable screw terminals with a capacity for cable cross-sections of up to 10 mm2 ensure optimum signal transmission. The high-quality and acoustically neutral full-size fabric covers in black conceal the direct view of the technology when required and are held elegantly by magnetic fasteners.





Product Data


Type : Floor standing speaker

Engineering Principle : 3-way bass reflex system

Nom. /Music power handling : 280 / 440 watts

SPL (1 watt/1m) : 88.5 db

Frequency response : 20…40.000 Hz

Crossover frequency : 220 / 3.000 Hz

Woofer : 3 x 192 mm (7.5"), Aluminum ceramic tungsten

Midrange : 1 x 174 mm (6.8"), aluminum ceramic tungsten

Tweeter : 1 x 25 mm (1"), ceramic

Nominal Impedance : 4...8 Ohm

Special Features

Gold-plated bi-wiring/bi-ampening connection terminal

CantoLink 400 internal cabling

Aluminium base construction

DC technology

Fabric cover with magnetic holder

Height-adjustable unit feat

Dimensions (WxHxD)

W: 27,5 cm (10.8") | 37,5 cm (14.8") with base

H: 115 cm (43.3") with base and equipment feet

D: 48,5 cm (19") | 51,5 cm (20.3") with base

Weight : 49 Kg

AV receiver and stereo receiver