신제품FURUTECH의 첫 정전기 방지 및 반공진 CF-201-NCF Spade & CF-202-NCF Banana 커넥터 출시

Furutech’s CF-201 NCF & CF-202 NCF

High End Performance Spade & Banana Connector

With set screw and solder contacts

Furutech introduces the CF-201 NCF & CF-202 NCF top-of-the-line Spade & Banana connectors. These are Furutech’s first high-performance Spade & Banana connectors to feature Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF). This material is the cumulative result of Furutech’s 30 plus year effort to eliminate electrical and mechanical resonance from signal and power transmission in high performance audio and video applications. Offering a dramatic reduction in noise, improved imaging, and focus, and improved sound staging, the CF-201 NCF & CF-202 NCF will take your listening enjoyment to the next level. 

NCF: Nano Crystal² Formula

Incorporated into selected Furutech products, NCF features a special crystalline material that has two 'active' properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static. Second, it converts thermal energy into far infrared. Furutech combines this remarkable material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional 'piezoelectric effect' damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. Created by Furutech, it is found exclusively in Furutech products.

Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF) damping collar and damping ring.

The CF-201 NCF & CF-202 NCF feature a damping collar (CF-201 NCF) and damping ring (CF-202 NCF) formed with NCF Liquid Crystal Polymer Resin. The resin incorporates nylon, fiberglass, nano-sized crystalline piezo ceramic particles, carbon powder and Furutech special “NCF” anti-resonance damping material. The same special NCF damping material is also incorporated into the CF-201 NCF & CF-202 NCF’s silver plated carbon fiber housings – true innovation!




• α (Alpha) Pure Copper rhodium-plated one-piece center conductor.

• Nylon, fiberglass, nano-sized crystalline piezo ceramic particles, carbon powder and Furutech special “NCF” anti-resonance damping material damping collar and damping ring. NCF delivers improvements in the depth and focus of the sound stage, harmonics and tonal balance. Low frequencies are cleaner, with a greater sense of definition made possible by a lowered noise floor.


• Housing: Multilayer hybrid NCF carbon housing composed of an outer hard clear coat over with another layer of Hybrid NCF Silver plated 3k carbon fiber on a nonmagnetic stainless-steel Housing. The best of damping and insulation materials improve frequency extension and tonal balance.


• Conductor wire fixed by set screw or soldering.


• Specified for wire diameters max. 5.5mm.


• α (Alpha) Nonmagnetic stainless-steel body.


•  Special stainless-steel clamp compacts stranded wire for improved connection.



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