신제품FURUTECH의 CF-C15 NCF IEC 커넥터를 탑재한 신제품 Powerflux-C15 NCF-18E 출시

Furutech의 CF-C15 NCF IEC 커넥터를 탑재한 신제품 Powerflux-C15 NCF-18E의 출시

하이엔드 성능 전원 케이블 비자성 로듐 도금 CONDUCTOR

Type : 2극 3선 접지

정격: 15A 125V AC

                                             <EU Ver.>                                                                                                         <US Ver.>

Furutech introduces a new High Performance Power Cord, the Powerflux-C15 NCF. This made to order power cord borrows from previous versions and takes a big step forward with the new CF-C15 NCF IEC connector, developed to meet new IEC guidelines and is the highest specified audio grade IEC in the slimline type available. Featuring Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF). This material is the cumulative result of Furutech’s 30 plus year effort to eliminate electrical and mechanical resonance from signal and power transmission in high performance audio and video applications. Offering a dramatic reduction in noise, improved imaging, and focus, and improved sound staging, the Powerflux-C15 NCF will take your listening enjoyment to the next level.



NCF: Nano Crystal² Formula


Incorporated into selected Furutech products, NCF features a special crystalline material that has two 'active' properties. First, it generates negative ions that eliminate static. Second, it converts thermal energy into far infrared. Furutech combines this remarkable material with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional 'piezoelectric effect' damping properties. The resulting Nano Crystal² Formula is the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. Created by Furutech, it is found exclusively in Furutech products.



Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF) Piezo Ceramic Power Connectors.


FI-C15 NCF • A Furutech First!


Furutech’s Pure Transmission CF-C15 NCF(R) & FI-E50 NCF(R) Piezo Ceramic series connector bodies and housings feature several breakthrough construction techniques.


A multilayer nonmagnetic stainless steel and silver-plated carbon fiber shell incorporates a special damping and insulating acetal copolymer. Furutech settled on stainless and silver-plated carbon fiber for the outer housing after extensive listening sessions with Japanese industry figures and audiophiles.


The body of the connectors incorporates an “active” damping material: Nano Crystal² Formula - Nano Crystalline, Piezo Ceramic and Carbon Powder


Nano Crystal² Formula eliminates static, “interconverts” thermal, mechanical and electrical energy and damps vibrations—all for the finest Furutech Pure Transmission signal imaginable.


The Furutech Floating Field Damper System


Magnetic Floating Field Damping Current flowing through a cable and its connector creates magnetic (and electrostatic) fields around them, building and collapsing 60 times per second in 120VAC systems. This magnetic field induces current flow– electrical potential–in small parts like the screws holding the connector shell together which have to be metal for tight clamping. The current flow in these small parts actually creates “floating” magnetic fields around them, and they interfere with the cable/connector’s larger surrounding magnetic field resulting in noise and distortion. The Furutech Floating Field Damper solves the biggest problem you never realized you had by star grounding the metal parts in which floating magnetic fields are induced by current flow. All the various metal parts of the connector are tied together and shunt whatever electrical potentials generated to ground. This significantly lowers noise by reducing distortion for ultra-clean and stable power transfer.


US Patent No.: 6,669,491/ European: EP1445837




• Fitted with Furutech’s top-of-the-line high end performance FI-50 NCF Connectors.


Furutech’s Pure Transmission CF-C15 NCF(R) & FI-E50 NCF(R) series connector bodies and housings feature multilayer hybrid NCF carbon housing composed of an outer hard clear coat over with another layer of Hybrid NCF Silver plated 3k carbon fiber on a nonmagnetic stainless-steel Housing. The best of damping and insulation materials improve frequency extension and tonal balance. The body of the connectors combines two “active” materials: Nano-sized ceramic particles and powdered carbon. Nylon and fiberglass are incorporated as well forming an extremely effective, well damped, mechanically, and electrically nonreasoning connector body.


• The CF-C15 NCF(R) & FI-E50 NCF(R) series connectors feature α(Alpha) Pure Copper conductors.


• Dimensions: Cable diameter 17.5mm approx.


• Overall length: 1.8M/set.


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