MPS-3 – Playback Designs Music Playback System 3

The new Playback Designs Series 3 products are revolutionary.


The Playback Designs Music Playback System 3, also known as MPS-3, is a product that is totally unique in today’s market place. The MPS-3 is really two products in one single box: a world class CD transport combined with a discrete dual differential DAC that can also receive a variety of external digital sources, including computer based music servers – not only a unique and powerful combination, but also versatile in applications. Another unique feature of the MPS-3 is its ability to playback super high resolution files of up to 24/384 kHz PCM and 6.1 MHz DSD through USB off of either a PC or MAC. This is 32 times the resolution of players with the ability to playback 192kHz high resolution files.


Through the use of our newest apodizing upsampling filter for 44.1 and 48kHz sample rates CD never sounded better or more analog like. Apodizing filters are special upsampling filters that compensate for some of the ringing effects caused by brickwall filters in the Analog to Digital Converters (A/D) used during recording. Depending on the recordings apodizing filters can provide audible improvements. This is not a new technology and is used mostly to improve reception signals from the edge of dish antennas (satellite). Since brickwalls in A/D converters are akin to edges on dish antennas the same principle holds for digital audio and similar filters can be used in DACs with noticeable improvements.


Whether you use the internal CD transport or play music directly from your computer, we believe digital playback will be redifined for you!



Analog outputs:

ㆍXLR Balanced

ㆍRCA Unbalanced


Digital inputs:
ㆍAES/EBU for PCM up to 24 / 192kHz
ㆍS/PDIF for PCM up to 24 / 192kHz
ㆍUSB for PCM up to 24 / 384kHz
ㆍUSB for DSD up to 6.1MHz