[WADAX] Reference DAC


- 23 individual printed circuit boards

- More than 5500 discrete parts

- Dual-differential musIC 3 128-bit-feed-forward error correction process

- Fully balanced, dual mono design with complete physical and electrical separation of left and right channels

- 10 purpose-wound, functionally specific power transformers

- Digital circuitry time aligned to 100ps

- 0.5uV of total rail noise (1Hz-100KHz): ultra sophisticated power supply with distributed regulation topology.

- 30 local regulation stages, 5 stages of DC regulation. 

- User-adjustable gain and output impedance.

- Zepto Reference clock: doubled the master clock frequency with only 12fs total jitter.

REFERENCE DAC connectivity

Output Level: 1V / 2V / 4V

Output impedance: 0 / 50 / 75 / 600 ohms 


USB (32-384KHz, 16-24-32 bits, DSD256, MQA)

2xSPDIF RCA  (32KHz-192KHz, 16-24 bits)

2xSPDIF BNC (32KHz-192KHz, 16-24 bits)

2xAES-EBU (32KHz-192KHz, 16-24 bits) 

Reference Wadax Link (native PCM, DSD), 3xAES-EBU, 1 RJ45

Native Wadax Link (native PCM, DSD), 2xRJ45

User interface: 5 inch capacitive touch full-colour display 800x480

Power: 110/220V, switchable, max 200W 

Remote support and OTA upgrade: software upgradeable over the Internet